Corps Connections LLC

Researching US Marines and Navy Corpsmen of World War II

Welcome and Semper Fidelis:

Corps Connections is a Single-Partner LLC dedicated to preserving the legacy of the United States Marines who fought, died during, and secured victory in the most bloody engagements of the Pacific War. Their legendary contribution contributed invaluably to the hard-fought outcome, the defeat of Imperial Japanese forces throughout a combat zone that spanned nearly an entire hemisphere.

History reveres these brave young Americans as the selfless patriots that they were...they were ordinary young men and yet they accomplished extraordinary things under the most difficult conditions of jungle warfare. Throughout their saga they truly earned their nickname: The Old Breed.

The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for family members of United States Marines who served in World War II to obtain service data on their relative, as well as background information on the campaign(s) they fought in.

To all those Marines, both living and dead, the men who defined the Old Breed, I offer my profound gratitude for your sacrifices. You all answered the call...gave of your youth...shed your blood...and many brothers-in-arms paid for our freedom with their lives. We can never fully repay that tremendous debt.

To their families, who endured hardships which often go unnoticed, I offer my thanks as well. You gave up precious time with your loved-ones so that millions could be protected and a world on fire could be brought to peace.

It is the hope of Corps Connections that by educating future generations on the sacrifices made by these Marines and Navy Medical Corpsmen from the Greatest Generation, a very small portion of that debt can be repaid by carrying the stories of those sacrifices on so that others may know of acts that exemplified their love for their Corps, their country, their families, and our way of life as Americans.