Corps Connections LLC

Researching US Marines and Navy Corpsmen of World War II


CorpsConnections strives to present as much information as possible to clients requesting resesarch. A combination of archived records, as well as supplementary publications will be provided in cases when such records exist for a given individual. Two major documents are available for purchase from Corps Connections via its 3rd party:

In addition to the above file[s], clients will be provided any and all other relevant material which concerns some aspect of their relative's service, presented and summarized so the material is easy to read and understand.

PLEASE NOTE: When a request for research is received, every single case will be evaluated in order it is received. At times, records for a given individual OR their unit are found to be incomplete. IF such a case is encountered, there is not enough material to conduct a research case for that Marine.

It is an unfortunate fact that some requests will not be able to be fulfilled because, as with any historical data, there are limits to available material.

***IMPORTANT***: Allow 2-4 weeks between sending a research request and receiving material. Requests are processed in the order that they are received. Turn-around time on delivery will vary based on current workload, and OMPFs/IDPFs take a minimum of 2 weeks before being sent to CorpsConnections from its 3rd party.

All material, once gathered, will be sent to the client by US Mail on a thumb drive [USB].

The usual volume of pages presented to a client makes it impossible to send material via email. The size of the material is too large for an email attachment.


Each research request is evaluated to determine, from past experience, how long a given case will take to assemble.

After evaluation, the individual requesting research will be contacted and the case will be discussed.

CorpsConnections understands that an individual may have financial limitations which may prevent them from paying for the required amount of time and material a case would require. When such a situation is discussed, a payment plan would be agreed upon which would take into consideration any financial limitation that the client may have at the time.

Cost varies based on the page volume of records that will be obtained. Page-count of research presented to a client for a large project could be in excess of 1,000 total pages of material, including complimentary resources.

A second option would be to delay the transaction until such a time when the client would have no financial limitation.

Service Records and IDPFs:

IF a client is requesting a Service Record [OMPF], Deceased Personnel File [IDPF], or both, these files are obtained by a 3rd party and the cost[s] of obtaining from the 3rd party is passed through to the client and included in the final total price of the transaction.